Financing business

Action needed in Budget to boost business

The Chancellor must deliver a Budget aimed at job creation if the Government’s plans for a private sector-led recovery are not to founder, a leading business group has said.

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Questions still to be answered on bank lending

The commitment by the major banks, announced as part of the Project Merlin deal struck with the Government, to increase lending to smaller firms has been broadly welcomed, but questions remain, insist small business organisations.

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Banks still resist small firm lending

Small businesses are continuing to experience difficulties in accessing finance, according to the Bank of England.

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Small business bank loan deal hits stumbling block

Efforts by the Government to come to an agreement with the major banks on lending to small firms have reached a temporary impasse.

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Banks need to regain trust of businesses

The relationship between banks and businesses needs to be repaired following the economic downturn.

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Lower taxes would help small firms unable to access finance

A new report has argued that small firms are facing serious obstacles to growth, some of which could be overcome by lower business taxes.

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Small business bank lending shows tentative signs of recuperating

New figures have revealed that credit conditions for smaller firms have begun to stabilise.

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Insuring your business

Adequate insurance is fundamentally important for a business. And in many cases, it is actually a legal obligation.

What follows is a brief guide to the types of insurance a business must have and the types of insurance it might consider desirable.

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