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Low inflation provides savings boost to over-55s

The falling cost of living is allowing over-55s to increase their savings and pay off debts, a survey by Aviva has found.

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Retirees provide financial support to families

More than a third of people retiring this year are currently supporting their families financially, according to survey by Prudential.

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Charitable donations popular among estate planners

Almost a fifth of people plan to leave money to charity when they die, according to research by the AA.

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Retirees face income shortfall

The new pension freedoms coming into force on 6 April 2015 could result in 1.4 million people having inadequate retirement incomes, according to research by the International Longevity Centre UK.

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Budget 2015 savings measures popular with public

The new ISAs and tax breaks announced during Budget 2015 have proven popular with the public, according to a survey by uSwitch.

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New ISA to help first time buyers

A new type of ISA will provide a financial boost to people saving to buy their first home, the Chancellor has announced during his 2015 Budget statement.

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