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Government confirms employers must provide pensions

All British businesses, whatever their size, will be expected to offer employees the chance to join a workplace pension scheme, the government has confirmed.

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Businesses reminded of looming VAT increase

There are now only two months remaining before the standard rate of VAT climbs from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent, and VAT-registered businesses are being urged to ready themselves for the change.

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Government opens debate on corporate governance

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, took the opportunity of his address to the CBI annual conference to launch a review of the way the UK companies are run.

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Government promises plans for growth

The government has outlined plans for £200 billion of investment in infrastructure projects in the UK as part of a strategy for economic growth and recovery.

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MEPs vote for extended maternity leave on full pay

The European Parliament has given its backing to proposals that would see maternity leave on full pay extended to 20 weeks.

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Comprehensive Spending Review: effect on business support

Given that the Department of Business is facing annual cuts in its budget of 7.1 per cent, broad business support has inevitably been diminished.

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Comprehensive Spending Review: green tax change criticised

The government has come under fire for imposing what has been described as a “green stealth tax” in the spending review.

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Lessons and challenge from the Spending Review

In many ways the spending reductions made by the Chancellor were largely anticipated. The size of the current deficit has grown to over £160 billion this year and it was acknowledged by most that decisive action needed to be taken in order to head off a deeper deficit problem in years to come.

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