Acquisitions & disposals

Sometimes the best way to improve your competitive position in the marketplace is through a merger or acquisition. Not only is this a complex and time consuming process, if it is not well researched and skillfully negotiated it could make matters worse, not better.

This is definitely a situation where you need the support and assistance of trained professionals. We can help you:

  • Identify potential targets for M&A
  • Screen targets for suitability
  • Prepare a negotiating strategy
  • Raise the necessary capital
  • Develop an integration plan
  • Optimise the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise
  • At other times you may wish to secure your exit from the business through a disposal. Again, we can help with all aspects of exit planning and with the disposal itself including valuing the business, finding suitable purchasers, and negotiating the sale.

LEES have considerable experience in Acquisitions and Disposals and as accredited members of the Corporate Finance Network, a national association of leading UK advisors, you can rest assured that we have access to research capability and resources usually accessible to only the largest practices.

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