Budget 2010: business reaction

Business groups have greeted the Budget with a guarded welcome. But while the measures designed to help businesses were applauded, doubts were expressed about the lack of a detailed plan for tackling the budget deficit.

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Budget 2010: an overview

“This will be a Budget to secure the recovery, tackle borrowing and invest in our industrial future” was how the Chancellor, Alistair Darling summed up the last Budget before the next general election.

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Budget 2010: business tax

The Chancellor had been offering some strong hints that the Budget would include measures to help smaller firms in particular.

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Budget 2010: personal tax

Perhaps the most eye-catching announcement of Alistair Darling’s 2010 Budget was the move to raise the stamp duty threshold for first-time buyers.

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Budget 2010: business support

It was always likely that the Chancellor would devote a proportion of the Budget to outlining government plans for stimulating business growth and development as the economic recovery begins.

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Budget 2010: the economy

A significant focus of the Budget centred on the state of the UK economy, caught, as it is, between a massive government deficit and a still hesitant business recovery.

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