PAYE/NIC/student loan payment PAYE/NIC payment

Income tax requires '7p hike'

To tackle the UK’s massive public debt, the basic rate of income tax should be raised by 7p in the pound, a leading think tank has said.

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Put retirement age up to 70, argue employers

A leading employers’ group, the Institute of Directors (IoD), has called for a radical overhaul and simplification of the pensions system.

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PAYE payment PAYE/NIC payment PAYE/NIC/student loan payment

Government delays introduction of employment regulations

The government has chosen to put back the implementation of the EU temporary worker’s directive until the last possible date in an effort to maintain labour market flexibility.

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Consultation launched on new paternity leave plans

The government has published its consultation document on plans to extend paid paternity leave.

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UK businesses becoming more productive

British businesses are showing signs of improvement in an area where they have long and traditionally lagged behind the international competition: worker productivity.

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