17 per cent of homes without internet access

Four million UK households have no access to the internet, data from the Office for National Statistics has shown.

The majority (59 per cent) of those with no internet access said they 'did not need it' while a combined 25 per cent said they could not afford either the equipment (13 per cent) or the access costs (12 per cent).

Adults aged 65 or over were most likely to not have access to the internet, while households with children are far more likely to have an internet connection (97 per cent).

The ONS data found that nearly three quarters of adults in the UK access the internet every day in 2013, with six out of ten using a mobile phone or portable device to access the internet while on the go.

'The Internet has changed the way people go about their daily lives,' the ONS said.

Other key figures from the ONS include:

  • 36 million adults (73 per cent) accessed the internet every day in 2013 - 20 million more than in 2006
  • Adults aged between 25 and 34 use the internet more than any other age group
  •  72 per cent of adults bought goods or services online in 2013 - up from 53 per cent in 2008
  • The most common internet activities were:

- social networking
- sending/receiving emails
- finding information about goods and services
- reading of news or magazines
- searching for travel/accommodation information
- internet banking 

  • Mobile internet usage has more than doubled between 2010 and 2013 - from 24 per cent to 53 per cent.

Government plans to transform broadband infrastructure include allocating £530 million in the current spending review period to deliver broadband to 90 per cent of the UK, particularly to rural areas.