Credit card bills most avoided mail in Scotland

Credit card bills are the most unopened non-junk mail in Scotland, a survey from the Debt Advisory Centre Scotland has suggested.

Nearly half (42.9 per cent) of those questioned about their post opening habits said they were most likely to leave credit card bills unopened, while 28.6 per cent don't open bank statements or letters about tax and benefits.

The survey found that:

  • 84.3 per cent of Scots open post when they receive it
  • 16 per cent fail to open post immediately and one in 4.3 per cent do not open it at all
  • 50 per cent said their reason for not opening the mail was that they already had a good idea of the information inside
  • 16.7 per cent refuse to open letters because they 'never contain good news'.

Ian Williams of the Debt Advisory Centre Scotland said:

"Our experience is that many people who come to us for debt advice have often been avoiding opening post from their lenders for some time.

"But avoiding the bad news from creditors doesn't make the problem go away. If you can't face opening your statements it may be time to consider getting professional debt advice."

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