Parents spend £180 on new school year

Parents of school children aged five to 16 years-old spend an average £180 per child equipping them for the new school year, research from YouGov has found.

This is broken down into:

  • £110 on new school uniform clothes and PE kit
  • £50 on new school shoes
  • £20 on school bags and stationary, such as pencil cases and lunch boxes.

Parents over the age of 55 are likely to spend even more in preparation of the new term; £212 per child on average.

Nearly two-fifths of parents (38 per cent) said they worried about how they will afford the new items.

The survey revealed that:

  • 76 per cent of parents will use current accounts to purchase items
  • 22 per cent will rely on credit cards
  • 15 per cent will dip into savings to cover back-to-school costs
  • 10 per cent will turn to grandparents for financial help.

UK supermarkets are the first choice destination for parents buying their child's school uniform, with department stores being the second most popular choice. However, 24 per cent of parents will have no choice in where to buy uniform from and will visit a specialist shop as requested by their child's school.

Nationwide's director for banking, Graham Pilkington, commissioned the report and said: "Even when the kids are at school, parents have to spend money. With more and more items required to send kids back to school in September, the financial burden is becoming even greater."

YouGov's research follows the recent news that the cost of bringing up a child now stands at £148,000, according to a report by the Child Poverty Action Group charity.

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