Review of regulator appeals processes launched by BIS

A review of the way that appeals are handled by local and national regulators has been launched by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Business minister Michael Fallon confirmed it is the first in a number of measures aimed at cutting red tape, which Chancellor George Osborne reiterated his commitment to doing in the Autumn Statement.

The Focus on Enforcement Appeals Review will give businesses and other interested parties the chance to share their experiences of formal and informal appeals processes and make suggestions for improvement. Examples of successful appeals procedures will also be gathered as part of the review.

Business minister Michael Fallon said: "There is room for far more effective enforcement which reduces the burden on business which stick to the rules. Despite best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong - that has become clear from previous Focus on Enforcement Reviews. So I want to hear views on how we can improve the way appeals currently work."

"Greater clarity and trust between regulators and businesses will lead to better enforcement of the law and higher standards across the board."

The announcement will no doubt be welcomed by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), who earlier this week warned that small- and medium-sized businesses were "drowning under the weight of extra regulation coming out of Whitehall, layered on top of outdated red tape which has not been repealed". The CBI set out an eight-point plan for the Government to tackle the red tape challenge.