Taxpayers advised on new HMRC bank accounts

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has reminded taxpayers of the need to use the tax authority's new bank accounts.

Last year, HMRC switched its banking services from the Bank of England to Citi and Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

As a result, all HMRC bank sort codes and account numbers changed during 2009.

HMRC continued to accept payments made using the old Bank of England account details on temporary basis. However, this will change in 2010 as the old accounts are closed.

Taxpayers are being told that if they have not already set up their payments to go to the new accounts, they should do so as soon as possible.

Anyone paying by Bank Giro should make sure they use one of the newly issued payslips that contain HMRC's new NatWest account details. Anyone setting up a new Bank Giro account shouldn't use any payslips containing the old Bank of England details.

HMRC said that it has updated most of the payslips that are issued to customers, but any business that still holds the old payslips should contact the office that issued them and ask for replacements.

For payments by BACS direct credit, internet or telephone banking, or CHAPS, taxpayers can check the new HMRC bank account details by visiting for a guide to the type of tax or other payment they are making.

However, anyone paying by direct debit doesn't need to take any action as all the instructions are to remain in place.

From 2010, payments made using the old bank account numbers could be returned, HMRC warned, adding that this may lead to late payments, and penalties and interest charges.

Details of tax offices can be found at