Banham Poultry Limited

"LEES... special from other accountancy firms"

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"I first encountered LEES in the spring of 2008 whilst reviewing the trading position of a large Norfolk company which had got itself into major problems and was in danger of failing. Graham Lyon a senior partner and director of LEES was instrumental in identifying the need for radical change in the company's strategy and facilitated my and another outside advisor's entrance into the business to reverse the catastrophic financial performance. 12 months on the turnaround was completed and the business is back in good fortunes.

The moral of this story demonstrates what marks out LEES as special from other accountancy firms. The best accountants should be proactive on behalf of their clients and positively 'interfere' to fix problems and move things forward.  Through this experience, in my own companies, I disengaged with my incumbent accountants and moved my business to LEES. We are currently reviewing an acquisition produced via LEES network, another proactive example of difference !!!"

Martin Bromley
Chief Executive Officer, Banham Poultry Limited

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