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"LEES... these guys are positively ahead of the game"

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BizClik is a dynamic media company, based in the UK, the US and Canada offering a diverse portfolio of business magazines and websites covering global issues across a variety of industries and territories. Our products cover sectors ranging from healthcare and retail to manufacturing and energy, and contain helpful and informative news and features for executives looking to improve operations, finances, technologies and more.

The LEES team was recommended to us by our Bank at the beginning of a period of terrific growth in our group activities and at a time when our existing Accountants were struggling to keep pace. No such issues with LEES. These guys are positively ahead of the game with thoughtful, pertinent and objective strategic input into our business journey. They have been instrumental in assisting us set up our organisational infrastructure and help us to focus on our strategic business goals. Their creative advice has helped generate the platform from which we currently succeed and I am genuinely grateful for the part they continue to play.

All this coupled with tremendously proactively tax planning department, unrivalled in my experience, leads me to recommend LEES without hesitation at every opportunity.

Glen White
CEO & Founder, BizClik

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