What are the common reasons for changing accountants to LEES?

There are several common reasons why businesses seek to change their accountancy service provider to LEES.

Satisfaction – The most common reason is a lack of complete satisfaction with their current advisers. LEES client base is typically fast growing and/or entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses. Such businesses need to plan ahead and many accountancy firms are slow to assist. For instance, it does not help the directors of a growing company to learn of its corporation tax liability only days before the liability fall due for payment. This is a common complaint…

Expertise …as is the lack of access to expert advice. LEES are always ready to take your call and work hard to build up relationships between our clients and our people. It is common for Accountancy firms to have many back-room staff. LEES do not. Our clients tell us that they feel really close to LEES and as a result are comfortable contacting us with queries of any magnitude and very often just to bounce ideas around. This feedback is very rewarding to LEES and one way we measure our success.

Price – Price has certainly become an issue with many businesses. It may be for example that you as a business are currently employing a substantial practice to handle your requirements. In reality, LEES, as a medium sized local firm, will be well capable of undertaking the work economically on your behalf and often with greater care. Many of our people have spent time working with national and international Accountancy firms and have joined LEES to benefit from the client focused approach, without the internal wranglings and unhealthy internal competition.

Support – There are also times where it may be quite the reverse. Growing businesses have chosen to move to LEES as their existing Accountants were considered too small to cope with the requirements. Normally this would be because the Company is finding that there is a lack of management support on issues of business planning and strategy or perhaps a business may have a tax issue, an investigation, that a smaller accountancy practice may appear unable to cope with. A larger practice may well have the experts on board that are happy to take on the issues as part of their normal methods of operation. LEES certainly do.

Planning – It is also not uncommon to find a business that is seeking to sell, or prepare for an acquisition. LEES team are fully geared to handle these situations as well as orchestrated management buy-outs and owner retirement strategies. Many smaller practices do not employ the resources to undertake this type of work and often it is not even a subject that is raised. LEES actively seek to encourage business managers to plan ahead, whether that be for growth in the business, a period of stability and consolidation or a planned sale or retirement. Of course such plans can change regularly, but fat fewer great opportunities are missed if business leaders are prepared.

Does it matter that I’m not very local to LEES?

Not at all. We have clients and contacts in many countries over the world from Asia to Europe and the Americas. The only common factor is that they have UK financial interests of one kind or another. LEES invest heavily in its systems, embracing technology, wherever it can add value to the delivery of our service. We communicate with our clients in whichever way they choose and we are always open to new ideas.

As long as we are able to prove your identity to satisfy the requirements of UK Money Laundering Regulations, we can act for you remotely.

How easy is it to change to LEES?

Changing accountants, although may seem a hassle, is incredibly easy. If you already have an accountant or a firm of accountants acting for you and want to switch, all you need to do is inform us that you would like us to act for you and, out of courtesy, inform your current accountants that you will no longer require their services. We then obtain your accountants name and address and formally write to them, seeking information which will influence our decision as to whether or not accept the appointment. Your current accountant will usually respond, whilst also providing us with any relevant accounting documents / references. Once we are satisfied of this, we can then proceed to accept the appointment by issuing you with a letter of engagement.

I’m thinking of selling can LEES help?

Yes. LEES specialise in this. As founding members of the corporate finance network we have been actively achieving excellent sales for clients for many years. It’s a very specialist area and the full range of work is undertaken by only a small number of firms nationally. Often practices will be unable to focus on this area of service provision and can experience difficulty in supplying the support and research work often required in the disposal of a business, or the purchase of a new company. Asking LEES for assistance in this area does not mean to say that you would need to change your existing accountant. Indeed we are happy to work in conjunction with your current advisers to achieve your desired outcome. We will undertake the work on your behalf without disturbing your present arrangements.

I think I have a tax problem can you help?

Similar to the problems relating to buying and selling a business, there are some very specialised accountancy practices who deal with complicated tax issues. LEES have ai impressive tax team, with specialists across all taxes, whether this is corporation tax, VAT or personal tax. LEES have a particular specialism in handling H M Revenue & Custom Investigations and often assist other firms of Accountants in bringing their Clients’ investigations to satisfactory conclusions. LEES can undertake individual pieces of tax work if your existing accountant is unwilling or unable to deal with the specific tax issues arising. Again, there is no need to disturb your current accountancy practice arrangements in order for this additional work to be undertaken on your behalf.