Why do construction businesses need a specialist accountant?

The Construction industry is complex in which disputes are common, uncertainties and risks are inevitable, individual interests of parties are natural, delays are routine and cause huge losses of resource, and aggravations are an everyday occurrence. In short, construction projects are high risk and they provide enormous financial requirements and unusual challenges.

Therefore in the construction industry, more than most, it is essential to work with an accountant that understands your business and the industry within which you operate, and can provide you with a service tailored to your specific needs; one with vast experience too.

How LEES can help

We provide the following services to construction companies:

  • Project and taxation appraisal
  • Corporate finance opportunities and joint venture
  • Profit and loss forecasts, balance sheets and cash flow
  • Ongoing measurement and re-appraisal against budget
  • Advice on taxation implications of employed versus self-employed issues with contractors
  • Outsourcing of facilities for Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) compliance and returns
  • Advice on VAT options to tax, stamp duty, land tax and environmental taxes
  • Separating company assets from any trading risk

Working with an industry specialist accountant in LEES can ensure your business is set up to be as tax and operationally efficient as possible.

Free no obligation financial review

With our help you will be better equipped to manage your business and deal with any changes that take place, both legislative and of your own choosing, so you make the right decisions to improve the effectiveness and success of your organisation.